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Application Of Light-weight Compact Flowmeter In Aquaculture System

Time:2021-04-28  Read:301
Aquaculture formed an important sector in the world and began to grow day after another along with low supplies of sea fisheries due to overfishing and extinction dangers of certain important species as well as the natural disasters occurred in sea fisheries during the last few years due to high temperature and lack of oxygen.

The recirculating aquaculture system represents a new way of farming fish. This system replaces the traditional method of raising fish outdoors, but raises fish at high density in indoor tanks with a "controlled" environment. The recirculation system filters and cleans the water for recirculation through the fish farming pond. In this process, the system needs to use various sensors such as thermometers, pH meters, and flow meters to monitor water quality, temperature, and flow rate for precise control.

We provide flow meters for RAS that is easy to install and has a compact structure. It has high compatibility with various pipelines and does not require rework. It is a good choice whether it is a newly installed system or a refurbished system.


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