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Application of Cleaning Equipment Industry

Time:2021-03-15  Read:469

Gentos has found many problems of traditional flow meter that it is difficult to install and read, and we need  stop working through many years of experience in product installation on site. With great concentration, we developed the F series clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter and overcome all the troubles of traditional flowmeters.

The F series ultrasonic flowmeter can not only transmit flow data through WiFi, but also does not need to be set up for use during installation, and there is no need to stop work and break the pipe during installation. Simply and quickly clip on, the accurate flow and flow velocity can be measured, and it is used at any time and at any where. Such excellent characteristics allow our F series clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter to be used in many industries.

Application of Cleaning Equipment Industry

The water consumption of cleaning equipment varies according to different cleaning requirements. At the same time, there are also complicated pipelines and installation problems in narrow areas. Until clients met F series clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter from Gentos Measurement and Control! All difficulties are solved!

F series clip-on ultrasonic flow meter, don’t be afraid of narrow installation environment!

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