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Gentos flow measurement in the medical and pharmaceutical industries

Time:2020-05-01  Read:460
Gentos flow measurement in the medical and pharmaceutical industries
May. 1st, 2020
Modern medical pharmacy is often accompanied by the use of a large amount of chemical solvents. The solvents of various components are mixed in accordance with the prescribed ratio without deviations to ensure the quality of the finished product and the medication safety of the users

In the pharmaceutical process, flow monitoring is a crucial link, which provides us with important information to accurately control the proportion of various solvents.

In general, many pharmaceutical raw materials are corrosive and will cause corrosion damage to the equipment. Therefore, when measuring the flow rate and consumption in the pipeline, an external clamp type non-contact instrument will be a good choice.

Last month, Gentos reached a cooperation with a pharmaceutical company in Nanning City, Guangxi Province, and provided it with equipment for measuring the flow of ammonium hydroxide, cooling water, methanol and other liquids. The excellent hardware quality and technical services have won praise from customers.

In recent months, in order to help fight against domestic and foreign Covid-19  epidemics, Gentos actively supports epidemic prevention and the pharmaceutical industry, applying our products and technologies to various fields and processes, improving the efficiency of production and management. Our equipment has applied in: pharmaceutical process, hospital air conditioning system, medical wastewater treatment, etc. Our ultrasonic flowmeter has the advantages of high precision, good stability and fast response speed, and will provide the best help for your industrial manufacturing!

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