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Year-End Party

Time:2020-01-20  Read:445

Year-End Party

Jan. 20th, 2020
Many companies treat their employees to a year-end party to reward them for their hard work and celebrate the start of a new year. Unlike in west, Chinese companies usually hold the party before Chinese lunar year.
On Friday, Gentos Co. had a simple but meaningful year-end party, with performances, drinks, snacks, and lucky draws!
1-1 Party room
The party drew the curtain with guitar playing. Staff representatives made year-end reports and planned for next year target.

1-2 Talent show

 1-3 Year-end report
Then the lucky draw came. The lucky staff won the surprising gifts such as refrigerator, microwave oven, smart devices, and paid vacation. At the end of party, we took group photos and wished a happy and prosperous New Year!

1-4 lucky draw

1-5 Gentos family
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