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In the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to ensure a sterile environment for the solution in the tube, and at the same time to ensure that the liquid will not be disturbed to affect the chemical reaction.

Traditional intrusive flow measurement equipment will not only destroy the integrity of the pipeline, but also produce microbial growth areas in the pipeline. The Sitelab instrument using ultrasonic technology and clamp-on sensors can maintain the integrity and sterility of the system .

Sitelab ultrasonic flowmeters are suitable for measuring the flow rate/velocity of the pure/ultrapure water, in the medical and chemical industries. They have the characteristics of high accuracy and fast response, application examples as: pure water monitoring systems for contact lenses manufacturers, Low-concentration single-phase solution, etc.
Application cases:
●Water supply and wastewater metering in the process of membrane filtration
●Measuring raw water of pretreatment equipment
●Ultrapure water flow measurement in contact lens production line
●Dosing station solution metering
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