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Ultrasonic flow meters are an ideal choice for the chemical and petrochemical industries, especially where new instruments are needed due to flowmeter failure, factory commissioning or expansion of production facilities. We know that most chemical production is a continuous process. Once the process is shut down, complicated operations are required, and high costs are also incurred. Modification of the pipeline will bring potentially dangerous leakage risks. Second, the flowmeter should be resistant to fluids that often corrode, or even better, not contact them at all.
Ultrasonic flow meters have proven to be the ideal solution for metering applications in the petrochemical industry. They can be installed on pipes of any common material, including various plastics and metals. Since the ultrasonic sensor is installed on the pipeline by clamping it on the pipeline, there is no need to open the pipeline, there is no risk of leakage or contamination, and there is no pressure drop at any time.
Application cases:
●Effluent measurement
●Cooling water flow measurement
●Sulfuric acid solution flow measurement

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